Project purpose

Helps everyone solve daily tasks by providing accurate information about ways how to solve a problem.


All material is presented in the form of papers that focus on the solution of a task and answer the following questions: how to do? how to choose? how to prevent?

How it works

Resolver bind all components of the problem solution: the problem definition, finding the best solution and direct work on the task.

To do this, the system has three user modes: consumer, analyst, manufacturer / service provider. Everyone can choose the required role and use all available functionality. To do this, during the registration process or later on the settings page, select the appropriate checkbox and complete the form.

The system considers only demanded tasks, therefore, the consumer can only look for available solutions, which are grouped into sections / subsections. You cannot create queries for solving individual tasks. Each solution is rated by consumers. The rating system allows you to specify whether the paper is informative (+1 point), practical (+2 points) or mistaken (-1 point). The top rated solution is displayed first.

The analyst adds a solution in the form of a paper that must comply with the {0}rules{1}. The paper is written in the text editor and sent to an editor for approval before posting. During the paper creation process, it is possible to add co-authors - these users can further edit the material. One paper describes a solution to one problem or part of it, i.e. it is allowed to split the solution into several publications. Alternate solutions can be added by other authors after the publication of the main paper, but no more than one for a specific list of authors.

The solution service is provided by the manufacturer / service provider. The functionality of this mode is paid and is currently under development.

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